I am an artist, researcher and social activist, working with experimental and documentary practices in video art, cinema and installation.

My work is concerned with the changing nature of revolutionary praxis, what’s often referred to as political and activist art. I developed a dialogue between overloaded categories, such as political, oppositional and subversive art, to encourage reflection, not only about the efficacy of artistic forms of resistance, but also about the very nature of political art.

I am interested in material culture, landscape and identity seen through the lenses of critical theory and postmodern geography, using notions such as discursive diasporas, geographies of exclusion, and structural violence. My research and practice engages with the disappearance of personal and collective memory and how, through political and activist art, novel configurations of memory can be re-instituted.


Salix Tree at the following

Santa Fe International New Media Festival 2016
June 10-16, 2016.
Santa Fe, US.

[ link to event ]

FOFA Gallery
June 06-17, 2016.
Montreal, Canada.

[ link to event ]

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