Curatorial Statement
Fabrizio Gallanti

ABC : MTL is the third in a series of exhibitions at the CCA investigating the development of Montreal. ABC : MTL addresses the city as it is today; not a historical artifact or a series of monumental structures, but a daily experience of almost limitless variety.

This documentary addresses the failure and impending transformation of an icon of Montreal’s modernization, the Turcot highway interchange. The installation gives voice to a local resident who will be affected and ultimately displaced by the forthcoming reconstruction of the interchange. By offering the camera to Pierre Zoville, one of many citizens living in the area, Turcot demonstrates the intricacies of policies and political processes in the area surrounding Turcot. The interchange has become an incendiary topic, with different stakeholders taking divergent, non-negotiable positions.

Production Support

Groupe en Recherche Urbaine Hochelaga-Maisonneuve GRUHM

Mobilisation Turcot

Hexagram Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts & Technologies


The Performative Aspect of the Turcot Interchange
Institute for Urban Futures
Concordia University
01 | 2019
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The Case of the Turcot Interchange
Victor Arroyo and Pierre Gauthier
Canadian Centre for Architecture CCA
01 | 2013
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Canadian Centre for Architecture CCA
2012 – 2013
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