Concordia University Department of Geography

The Making of Indigenous Resistance: Land Struggle and the Foreclosure of Politics

In 2011, the indigenous purepechas begun a resistance movement against the Mexican government, becoming fully and legally an autonomous town in 2012. Why these transactions encouraged the indigenous purepechas to become autonomous from the Mexican government?. How did they achieve self- government and self-regulation not only over their own political and social configuration but also in the distribution of natural resources?. How the drug wars in Michoacán, a crime that leaves no apparent material residue, reconfigures the social production and practice of space?. I’m particularly interested in understanding how violent processes unfold in space and how policies, practices and subjectivities are determined by, and simultaneously shape, the social production of space. Power inscribed in social space, defines and materializes what’s present and what has to be erased. Absence also has a political dimension, it is negotiated and contested.

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