Marie-Josèphe Angélique is the name of a black slave in New France (Montreal, Canada, 1734), who was tortured, hanged and burned down to ashes. She was found guilty of setting a fire, burning down much of what is now known as Old Montreal. There is no consensus regarding her innocence neither about the motivations behind the fire. The conflicting interpretations of Marie-Angélique’s case seem to rather reflect internalized notions on class, gender and race.

My video piece uses the case of the hanging of Marie-Angélique as an investigation of postcolonial politics of memory, examining the dynamics of the black experience as a hybrid negotiation between displaced collective memory and racialised political history. I’m seeking for emergent metaphors of identity, gender and race to emerge by re-formulating the archive as a site of active engagement.

Anna O and the Case of Displaced Memory
Single Channel Video
Color, Stereo
16mm to 4k
14 mins.

A video by Victor Arroyo

16mm found footage to 4k.
With texts by Stuart Hall, Sigmund Freud, Afua Cooper and Slavoj Žižek.

Re-photography by Bogdan Stoica.
Music by Christian Olsen.
Post-production by Oswaldo Toledano.

Produced with assistance by Main Film.
Centre d’artistes voué au cinéma indépendant.


Festival Internacional de la Imagen

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