My mom and myself circa 1978

I’ve been meaning to write about how lucky I am, until luck stroked me back. My mom passed away on December 27, 2012. She was 62 years old. From those 62 years, I was able to spent with her only 27. I spent 8 years away from her. She lived 35 years without me. I was 35 years old when she passed away.

I’ve always been interested in the role numbers play in our lives. Particularly in my family, there are many coincidences with numbers and dates. There are certain numbers standing out, such as 8, 12, 6. The day my mom passed away, a whale died stranded in the coast of Queens, NY., and Montreal, QC., suffered a massive record breaking snowstorm as it wasn’t experienced in decades. What’s the relationship between numbers and events in our lives?, Could it be that luck (or bad luck) is already written in the numbers surrounding us?. Of course, all this is extremely vague and without ground, as just by using a different calendar, the results will be completely different. It is easy to imagine how astrology and other systems resulted from the apparent relationship between events and numbers. Still today, many people are convinced of the power that numbers have in our lives. From the recent world discussion about the Mayan apocalypsis, to the show ‘Touch’, it appears that social perceptions around numbers will be around for many years yet.

For me, it is more about cycles that numbers by themselves.

And again, we can find ancient evidence of the meaning attached to cycles. The jews in the Old Testament lived through cycles of droughts and abundance, and of course, Chinese numerology. My Chinese wife is extremely aware of numbers (I was born 12-08, our son is 12-06, we live in the apt. 8, and her business is located in the 8th street number). I find myself constantly in the search of meaning behind our numbers. From the awareness of numbers repetition, I usually jump to the act of attaching meaning to them, and then, to the perception that a cycle is currently on the way. For the Chinese, for example, we were just in the year of the dragon, a cycle of one year, which usually signifies big changes. For me, it wasn’t the exception. The year was shaken by very important events: My son Leonardo was born, my wife opened her business, I begun graduate school, my sister moved out to Europe, my first professional project ‘Turcot 2.0’ was a success, and finally, my mom passed away. It was without a doubt a cycle about significant changes.

What does usually follows up a significant change? / Many will say consolidation, the notion of recovery and moving things into place.

I’ve been lucky for:

Having such a mom (and sister and dad).
Been able to have such a fantastic education (Concordia rules).
Finding what I want to do in life (professionally).
Having such a lovely wife (Anggie).
Meeting such a great person (my son Leo).
For living precisely in this time and no other.

And now begins the cycle of consolidation, recovery and of moving things into place.

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