The Common Forgetfulness

I come from the ground and the wind
From the sand.

Love tells me
I came from the sea,
Carried away with the waves.

That is what love tells me

My father,
From the other side of the phone line.

That is what he has been telling me

From the moment my small hand touched his face,
We realized we would never be the same.

That our lives would now have more life
Through each other’s eyes.

That with our constant remoteness,

We would learn
Learn to know each other.

You are calling me
Don’t know from where,
Don’t know the reason.

It seems like another goodbye.

You are leaving once more, now it is forever.

We have grown together,
We have walk along side by side, together as far as we could,
But not as far as we wanted.

Now it is time,

Time for us to start living with all we have learnt from each other,
And to live without each other.

Montreal, Summer 2005.

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