Member of the House of Commons
Paulina Ayala & Denis Coderre
M.P House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Madame Ayala & Sir Coderre:

I consider myself a citizen concerned about my city and the people who live here, and I would like to think that my representatives are as well, however, unfortunately the evidence appear to show otherwise.

The north area of Montreal, or Montreal-Nord as it is usually known, carries a long history of social and economic neglect, which came to a boiling point with the riots of 2008. These riots were a shout for justice and equity. The assassination of Freddy Villanueva by members of the Montreal Police was not the only cause for the riot. This tension has been building up for years. Segregation is the landmark of Montreal-Nord. As the greater area of Montreal experienced the advantages of economical growth, sadly, Montreal-Nord is left behind, suffocating its citizens with isolation. The tension provoked by the murder of Freddy Villanueva increased. One of the most important demands by local residents has been a public and independent inquiry into the murder, which so far remain to be seen. As time pass, segregation and isolation have grown into despair.

“Moi j’y crois” is the motto of Montreal-Nord 2020, a current megaurban project initiated by the Montreal-Nord administration. Well, I have to say “Je ne crois pas”. It seems unbelievable to me that the political team of Montreal-Nord was able to draw millions of dollars, urbanists, developers, and mostly, to convince residents about the viability of this megaurban project, however, they were not able to originate an independent investigation about the murder of Freddy Villanueva. The investigation into the circumstances of his murder wouldn’t only help to uncover the causes of the incident, but also would bring a sense of respect and closure to the Montreal-Nord community, however, not only has this investigation not been done, but the murderers are still walking freely out there, sadly, Montreal Police officers.

I request a public consultation about the popularity of Montreal-Nord 2020, in contrast to understand the underlying issues that lead to the death of Freddy Villanueva. I’m sure you will be surprised with the results. If you want the support of the Montreal-Nord community, it is not only urgent, but imperative, to bring closure and peace to both, the family of Freddy Villanueva and the Montreal-Nord community.

Victor Arroyo.

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